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Hyderabad, one of the busiest and beautiful city in Telengana has many high lights like Charminar, high tech city, the land of Nizams, the place where the most delicious Biriyani available in India. Now there are hundreds of flats, apartments and living spaces that are gated communities in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad gets another title as one of the best cities of India where the most beautiful dream homes are becoming a reality. At present there are some gated community apartments is in Hyderabad. Gated Community is not an Indian concept; it’s a part of wealthiest Anglican culture and in India, the mentioned gated community is getting wide acceptance.

Gowra Ventures the well known group in south India engaged with the constructing of dream homes and apartments have in the development process of gated community apartments. Yes, Gowra Ventures presents the gated community apartments in Hyderabad. Gowra Urbanwinds, the upcoming gated community apartments in Hyerabad, ensures 100% safe staying and protection.

The Gated Community apartments have restricted to free entry to visit the residents. The Gated community has its own specialties, pedestrians are obviously not gets simply entry to the apartments. The main intention is ensuring the protection for the residents in the apartments. Gated community can be describe as a modern form of living safety. The modern form of gated community is becoming much popular all over the Indian cities.

Gowra Urbanwinds – Affordable Luxury In Hyderabad

Gowra Ventures the best and forefront residential apartment builder of south India going to handle a successful project on Gowra Urban Winds Gated community apartments at Hyderabad. It ensures quality living and safety, obviously it has everything that you would prefer from a high class life style.

How To Select A Gated Community Apartment

Here are a few easy steps that you must follow before stepping to buy an apartment in Hyderabad. They might be enumerated as:

  • Get feedback and guidelines from reputed property consultants.
  • Prepare a list of the objective building projects which might be approaching in your chosen area, like Kismatpur.
  • Make a long list of the standards that you’re not prepared to compromise on.
  • Get just as much information that you can concerning the apartment through the association members or even the residents already living there.
  • Check the region and the environment when the apartment is found to be certain it really is safe and secure.
  • Do analysis to know about the crime rate while in the surrounding areas.
  • You want to have comfortable access to facilities like shops, schools and hospitals.
  • Stress on the security level and also the professionalism displayed with the association-appointed security officers. This aspect is especially highlighted while buying a gated community apartment in Hyderabad

Benefits Of Moving Into A Gated Community Apartment

When you are not used to the thought of moving into a gated community, you do not understand the numerous benefits attached with it, for example:


There is certainly virtually no probability of thoroughfare with there being security officers appointed using a 24*7 basis. So, when you are planning with a vacation, you need not bother about the safety of the stuff for the house. The entry of strangers is fixed.

Lesser burdens and responsibilities

Since the activities like sewage or garbage clearance is handled by way of the apartment association, you do not possess to get anxious.

More scope for socializing

Regular community events and interactive programs are organized to make the residents feel they’re section of the community.

Professionally built and designed themes and tastefully chosen decors

The majority of them are fully furnished buildings that give an enjoyable appearance and feeling.

Good returns while selling

In comparison to some properties, you can generate a superior price while selling a gated community apartment.

On the whole, it is up to you to choose whether or not gated community or a standalone apartment to relish an upscale lifestyle. Gowra Urbanwinds is always a better choice when it comes to gated communities in Kismatpur.

Frequently Asked Questions

What area does this gated community apartment cover?

This project covers an area of 1.37 acres. It is also 1.5 kilometers from the Outer Ring Road. Gowra Urbanwinds is located 2.45 kilometres from the nearest hospital and 2.18 kilometres from the local high school.

How many total bedrooms are there in this apartment?

There are a total of 272 bedrooms, 103 luxury flats, and 18 designs for best suited living in a floor. There are 3 BHK and 4 BHK Apartments available.

What are some of the locations near Gowra Urbanwinds?

Banjara Hills, Hitec City, Financial District, Narsingi, Bandlaguda, and Gachibowli are just a few of the most notable locations near Gowra Urbanwinds.

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  • Sujay Infra
    Posted June 22, 2023 12:33 pm 0Likes

    I’m thrilled to hear about the upcoming gated community apartments in Hyderabad! The prospect of new residential options that offer a harmonious blend of security, amenities, and community is truly exciting. I can’t wait to explore these developments and witness the transformation of Hyderabad’s real estate landscape. Here’s to a future filled with comfort, convenience, and an enhanced quality of life in these upcoming gated communities!

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